APACINTI produces 3 main products
We spin with the world 24 hours a day, 360 days a year, producing 3 main products : Yarn, Greige, Denim. Integrating manpower and sophisticated technology, we fulfil the world's needs of clothings.

Lycra in Apacinti's yarn/fabrics
We produce stretch yarn and denim/finished fabrics. Contact our marketing team for detail, or e-mail us at denim@apacinti.com.
Visit our Sample Room
Welcome to our sample room. We have broad range of product that you can view, right here on our website. Click on the items for closer look.
ISO 9001:2000
Updates of ISO 9002. APACINTI once again received recognition from the International Standard Organisation for Quality and Customer Satisfaction Category.
All of our hazardous solid waste are destoyed by incenerator. A tailored device that enable us to control emision level of waste in the factory.

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