About ApAcinti

With over 20 years of experience in textile industry, PT APAC INTI CORPORA (APACINTI) has transformed itself into a giant textile and textile product manufacturer with the biggest integrated weaving and spinning factory in the world at a single location. APACINTI’s factory is located at a strategic and advantageous place in Bawen, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. APACINTI operates with total workforce of 5.000 people.

Powered by Computerized system, sophisticated and integrated machinery, APACINTI produces 3 main products:
● Yarn
● Greige Fabrics
● Denim Fabrics

APACINTI delivers 55% of its massive & world‐class quality  products  to  international  market,  to  over 74 countries in 5 continents  worldwide,  and 45% to  domestic  market.  We  offer  the  best  quality, competitive price and on time delivery service.

Strong  performance  leads  APACINTI  to  achive  certification  ISO  9001  (Quality  Management  System)  and  ISO  14001  (Environmental  Management  System)  and  ISO  50001  (Energy  Management  System) since  all  activities  in  APACINTI  are  seriously  monitored  and  following  international standard  and  requirement,  from  quality  to  environment  management  systems. Company’s products also have Oeko‐Tex Standard 100 Certification confirming no harmful substances.

APACINTI realizes  the  importance  of  nurturing  human resources,  as the  Company’s  belief: “People are the Company”. Competent people are given full chance to develop their skill and capacity at GRIPAC Training Center.

Quality Assurance

The core strength of AIC is the consistent good quality of its products, which matches international standards. Diligent attention to every detail at every stage of production process is a well‐established hallmark of AIC. The company’s constant push for quality starts from careful selection of raw material, on‐line and off‐line process control through out the process till finished product stage.

In order to achieve high level of quality and to maintain the reputation as a quality product supplier, a team of highly qualified, dedicated and experienced professionals in the company’s quality control section perform round the clock control using latest testing equipment for both on‐line and off‐line controls. In addition to this, advanced information‐ technology is used at all stages.

All cotton bales are thoroughly cleaned by hand sorters with full perfection to extract contamination, and further baled, wrapped by cotton cloth cover and stored. 100% of the bales are checked by Uster HVI Tester. The testing laboratories are equipped with the latest testing equipments such as Uster Tester 3, Uster Tensorapid, Uster Classimat and a number of instruments for testing yarns and fabrics.

All ring spun yarns are air‐spliced and electronically cleared by Uster cleaners. Open‐End yarns are controlled by Corolab clearing system. Greige and Denim fabrics are fully inspected as per international system of inspection.

Our yarns, greige fabric and Denim fabric are Eco‐friendly and are free from harmful subtances as certified by Oeko‐Tex, Testex, Zurich.

Production facilities are air‐conditioned. The temperature and humidity are controlled by Amelio (LTG) air‐conditioning systems, which result in high operational efficiency and consistent quality. Further, the hands‐on involvement of technical excperts in the entire production process helps to maintain over‐all quality consistency of Apacinti’s brand.

Quality is the top priority of the company. Hence, rigorous quality assurance steps are taken to maintain the company’s leadership in quality. QUALITY is not job by accident but ACHIEVED by meticulous planning and execution.

Environmental Friendly

Operating 24 hours a day, our waste water treatment plant processes the entire liquid waste released by production process. Consistent operation of physical, chemical and biological system enables us to discharge cleaner & harmless water to the river at 30‐40% better than the standard level mandated by the government.

Solid Waste Dryer and Incinerator are used to process our solid waste. This unit also operates 24 hours a day, ensuring the quality and continuity of solid waste treatment. The outcame of this process is a very stable material, with close to zero water levels. Strict surveillance are taken to meet quality standards set by the government.

Entire process and safe water resulted by waste water treatment discharged to public waterway, are continuously monitored. The main parameters tested are: pH, TSS, TDS, COD, BOD5, Ammonia, Phenol, Oil, and heavy metal essence.

We are consistently executing the principles of “Cleaner Production”. Our Waste Water Treatment’s 3 Rs are :

Reduce : Reducing the use WWTs water supply without reducing the quality of end‐result. Thus, trying to change water supply with more environmental friendly ones and controlling the use of water compactly.

Reuse : Reusing processed water form Waste Water Treatment and other process as water supply for the industry that doesn’t need high standard. Recycle : We are studying the possibility to recycle and water discharged to Public steam and turn it into ready‐to‐use water supply for the industry. As a result, we will have zero discharge.

  • 03 SEPTEMBER 2015


    Opening dates and hours – 13th to 15th Oct 2015, (09:00 – 18:00) Venue – National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), No. 333, Songze Avenue, Shanghai

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  • 18 OCTOBER 2010

    Intertextile Shanghai (Shanghai apparel fabrics) 20-22 October

    In Participation Intertextile Shanghai (Shanghai apparel fabrics) show PT Apac will be more focus in promoting Denim fabrics beside Yarns and Greige fabrics.

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  • 24 NOVEMBER 2009



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  • 2 MAY 2009

    Apac Inti Corpora at Texworld. Worldwide Textile 'Rendez-vous'...

    Apac Inti Corpora at Texworld Worldwide Textile 'Rendez-vous' on 9th to 12th February 2009 Location : Paris Le Bourget, France Exhibitors : 817 from...

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