In Grey fabric division, we manufacture a wide variety of fabrics mainly using spun yarns in both warp and weft. We do use Polyester filament yarn for the weft for quite a few sorts. Other than these, majority of our products is Spun yarn based. Our portfolio of products includes various items made with 100% cotton carded and combed, 100% spun polyesters, 100% viscose. We also produce blends with poly / cotton (P/C CVC), viscose / cotton (RC), and poly/viscose (PV) blends. For Polyester fabrics and their blends, we normally use semi - dull polyester fiber. However, we also use semi dull optical bright fiber (SDOB) in Poly/Cotton blends on request. The viscose fiber we use is always bright.

The basic weaves like 1/1 (plain), 2/1 (twill), 3/1 (twill) & 4/1(satin) form major part of our normal production. Apart form these regular weaves, we also do special weaves such as Dobby, Broken twills, Waved twills, Hopsacks, Cords, Pique, Pique cords, Honey comb, Bedford cord, Ribstop, Herringbone, Ribs & stripes, Half Panama, Ducks, Ottoman, Crepes, crepe effects (Crepon) and other fancy weaves.

For fabric width in loom state we can offer both in narrow and wide width. Our narrow width fabrics range from 58 - 71 inches. In wider width, we offer in 110 - 130 inches.

We produce only FRINGE selvedge for the width ranges of 58” - 71" and both FRINGE & CLOSED (tucked-in) selvedges for wider width bed sheets from 110” - 130''.

Top quality fibers in raw cotton are sourced mainly from Australia, USA, China and West Africa to ensure consistently good quality and low contamination levels. The same holds good for our source of Polyester and Viscose fibers - consistent quality and uniform dyeability.

Our plant facilities and looms are also consistently being upgraded to offer quality fabrics. Production is carried on modern air jet and rapier looms like TOYODA and SOMET. We use BENNIGER warpers and SUCKER MULLER sizing machines which are leading machines makers in their field. Currently the overall capacity stands at 300 shuttle-less looms (both air jet and Rapier).

Our production volume is approximately 3.2 million meters per month, and around 45% of this production are supplied for European markets and close to 35% goes to the USA market. Monthly production consists of around 180 different sorts of fabrics, and since inception, we have produced a few thousand sorts so far.

We also regularly do several high twist fabrics apart from Normal Twist. Our product Yarn count range is generally from NE 6's up to NE 40' s and this includes both ring spun and open-ended yarns. As we have our own huge in house capacity for spun yarns the quality of the yarns is carefully adhered to and monitored regularly to ensure high quality fabric production and stable /timely supply.

All the fabrics produced are 100% inspected, duly classified as per international point system, controlled for cuttable defects, loose threads and contamination, accurately measured for length, weighed and bar-coded.

We can cater to various types of packing - our standard bale packing (fabrics folded to 1 Mt. wide across the width); Open width bales (full width of fabric) or rolled on tubes depending on your needs, and also in specific piece length.

Since Apac is an export oriented company and especially in respect to Greige business we regularly meet the superior quality standards imposed by leading international markets in Europe and North America. In our Quality Control every meter is stringently inspected and has to pass the standard 10 point International Grading system before being approved for shipment.

The Strategic location of our plant in Bawen, Semarang - along the main highway is about 1 hour's drive from the seaport of Tanjung Emas. This helps in minimizing extensive logistic requirements and gets the containers onto the port in short period of time.

As customer service remains primary focus we regularly visit our customers. We find this a vital extension of our support to, build long lasting relationships.

For now please review our attached product list for products mainly sold to Europe & USA. We are in almost all sectors of the Greige fabric business i.e. basic apparel (bottom weights as well as tops), work wear, Bed sheeting, Industrial fabrics like coating, Outdoor usage fabrics, specialty fabrics. The list prepared is for your guidance only as every single day we keep developing new items for our customers. We have almost the entire possible material, width and construction range of Grey fabrics you could possible find in one single location.

Please feel free to contact if you need further details. Hope these details should be enough to make preparations and select items that are workable, so we can discuss concrete business. You may contact us directly on or fax us at 62-21 2258 0080. Kindly awaiting your response.









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