APACINTI produces ring spun yarns on a truly massive scale, with annual output of 85,000 tons. Twenty four hours, seven days a week operations at the spinning plants powered by 480,000 spindles and 3,024 open-end rotors. The spinning plants are equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment, from world famous producers such as Trutzchler, Schlaforst, Crossroll, Hara Cherry, Toyoda, Howa, Zinser, Rieter, Savio and Murata.

Apac Inti Corpora (AIC) yarns are suitable for running on high-speed shuttle-less weaving machines and as well as for modern high speed knitting machines. Our own weaving units consume approximately 40% of the yarns produced in our Spinning units. The high quality of the yarns produced enables Apac Inti Corpora (AIC) export its yarn consistently to over 70 countries in the world.

We spin high quality yarns for the World. Quality is monitored round the clock with modern laboratory instruments and process control equipments.
Our yarns span over 70 countries worldwide. Nearly 50,000 tons of yarn is exported every year to cater the high quality markets in these countries.
Extremely Comprehensive Product Range for various end uses, international level of quality, flexibility of products to suit individual customer needs and excellent customer service functions make us a front-runner in the global market.

Products Range of Yarns
100% Viscose yarns (From Hi-Tenacity fibres)
100% Cotton Carded and Combed yarns
100% Semi dull Polyester yarns

Polyester/ Viscose Blends
Polyester / Combed Cotton Blends
Polyester / Carded Cotton blends
Specialities include 100% Modal yarns, Modal / Cotton blends, Rayon Slub, Poly rayon Slub, Poly Cotton Slub, Cotton Slub, etc

Count Range: Ring: NE 10's to 40's
Open End: NE 6's to 16's
Cotton & Poly Cotton : NE 6's to 32's
Yarn Type: Single and Double Yarns
Waxed for Knitting as well as Un-waxed for Weaving / dyeing.
Eco friendly yarns – All our yarns are certified by Oeko-Tex under Class I.
Committed to Customer satisfaction through high quality standards, timely deliveries, friendly approach, competitive prices and excellent customer services.

Contact Persons:
Mrs. Leni Sugianto E-mail : leni.sugianto@apacinti.com
Mr. Wily E-mail : wily@apacinti.com
Mr. Abhishek E-mail : abhishek@apacinti.com
Mr. Ongky Tantoni(For Domestic Market) E-mail: ongky@apacinti.com
Phone : 62-21 2258 8888
Fax : 62-21 2258 0080

CL 20 W

CL 30 K

CM 10 K

CM 28 K


PCM 30 K

Pe 14/2 W

Pe 30 K SDOB

Pe 30 K Slub

Pe 50 K

Poly 16 W OE

Poly 20 W OE

PV 20 W

RCM 30 K

RL 30 K

RM 30 K

RM 40 W


Ry 34.5/2 W
Update : 06/12/2014
A. 100% VISCOSE RAYON From 10's to 40's Generally we have standardised superior 1.25 denier x 44 mm Bright cut length in High Tenacity as Fibre for all our 100% Viscose yarns for exports. We however can supply in 1.2 denier x 38 mm Bright Hiten also. We can also make in 38 mm or 44 mm " Semi-Dull " but only the order quantity should be minimum 3x40Ft
B. POLYESTER - VISCOSE BLENDS From 10's to 45's We generally use 1.3 denier or (T/R or P/V) 1.4 denier x 38 mm or 44 mm 'Semi-Dull' in 65 : 35 Blend P.S.F and 1.2 denier x 38 mm or 44 mm OR 48 : 52 Blend Bright viscose fibre or even 75/25 or 80/20 The Fibres used are Top Quality, suitable for normal as well as Melange Dyeing.
C. 100% POLYESTER SPUN From 10's to 40's Using 1.3 Denier or 1.4 denier x 38 mm Semi-Dull P.S.F. We also however can supply SDOB (Semi Dull Optical Bright Polyester Fibre)
D. 100% COTTON (RING SPUN) From 7's to 40's Using appropriate mix of Cottons suitable (ii) 100% Cotton Combed From 10's to 40's for ring Spinning imported majority from America and Australia only.
(i) Polyester Cotton (T/C or P/C) From 10's to 45's Using 1.3 or 1.4 denier semi dull P.S.F with 65 : 35 Blend or good cotton as in (D) above suitable for ring 52 : 48 Blend spinning.
(ii) C V C Cotton portion > 50% From 10's to 45's (Not making at the moment but can supply)
(iii) Rayon (Viscose)-Cotton (R/C)
60 : 40 Blend
From 14's to 40's Blends and availability subject to specific requirement.
(iv) Modal-Cotton Combed
50 : 50 Blend
From 14's to 40's Blends and availability subject to specific requirement.

(i) 100% Modal Viscose Yarns From 14's to 40's Using 1.4 denier x 38 mm Lenzing(Austria) Modal Viscose Fibre
(ii) Rayon - Linen From 10's to 30's Using 1.2 denier x 38 mm Bright Viscose (85% - 15%) Blends or other Fibre and Flax / Linen Fibre of High International Quality Imported from France or Belgium.
(iii). Cotton Linen From 10's to 20's -- 55% - 45% or other


1). All above yarns are Raw White and can be given in Twist suitable for weaving and knitting uses.
2). All above yarns can also be supplied in 2 Ply/Double yarn or also some quantity in 3 Ply and 4 Ply (but with max package size 2.72 Kg)
3). All yarns given are in standard Twist (T.P.I). However need of any different T.P.I can be served but to be discussed specifically. We can also supply yarns with high Twist (crepe) for various Applications and also Slub Yarns specifically discussed.
4). All yarns are electronically cleared, Airspliced, Usterised and wound on Autocones of High Grade International Quality Standard and with practically every cone passing through our meticulous quality checking.
5). For our 100% Cotton yarns and Cotton Blends we offer an almost contamination free yarn as all the Raw Cottons inspite of being majority from U.S.A & Australia are also specially hand cleaned in our C.C.R (Cotton Contamination Removal) unit.
6). a). Our regular packing is 1.89/Kg/cone and 24 cones in one carton box of 100 lbs (45.36 kgs) with 4 boxes making one bale for Single yarn.
b). For 2 Ply yarn (Double yarn) our packing for 100% Cotton is 1.89/Kg/cone, one box of 24 cones is 100 lbs (45.36 Kgs).
c). For 2 Ply P/V, Viscose, Polyester 100% or P/C the cone size is 2.52 Kg/cone , one carton box is of 18 cones and 100 lbs (45.36 Kgs).
d). We can also Pallet Packing for which the cone package sizes will be different. All details can be provided on request.
e). Any special required should be discussed separately.
7). The above scope is the complete range of our Products which we have been making but at any given time it is possible that we may not make some items / varieties at some other time due to possible constraints, which is generally rare but may be discussed with us at the time of your interest in our offers.

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